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10 Must-Have Survival Gadgets For Stoners

The Ultimate Stoner Survival Kit For The Outdoors ⚡

Apr 20, 2024 - 4 minute read
feature image Imagine that fresh air..

Every stoner feels that special pull to the great outdoors when they spark up—it’s like nature itself is calling! And no, I don’t mean a quick bathroom break. Imagine wandering through the forest, constantly curious about what’s beyond the next rock or tree. Sometimes, these little trips turn into awesome weekend getaways with your friends at a cool, remote spot.

To make sure you’re set for these chill adventures, there are a few key things you’ll want to bring along. So, to avoid packing unnecessary stuff like a hammer and chisel, check out my list of essentials. It’ll help you keep it simple and make sure your time in nature is as relaxing and fun as possible!

1. Lightning Powered Lighter!

Electronic zippo lighter

Forget about wind or wet matches. This eco-friendly lighter uses the power of the electrIcity to ignite your herbal delights. Perfect for outdoor adventures or just impressing your eco-conscious friends. Yes, probably that juice came from your local nuclear powerplants, but statistically still less emissions that coal!

2. Glow in the dark sticks!

Glow sticks

Hear me out on this one. I know that it looks like we are brining a lot of technology in these field trips and it defies the whole one with nature thing, but you know what else sucks? Being unable to find your stoned friends in pitch black forest. Or even worse, unable to find YOU in pitch black forest. Just pop one of these glow babies on, and you will be lit up as Christmas tree!

Plus they are really nice to took at while stoned.

3. Inflatable air chair

Inflatable air chair

As a stoner, we are not unfamiliar with the need for rest. Although the ground would seem pretty sensible or even sufficient during your high adventures, you can always improve. Now, you would say anything (even a rock) could be an improvement from that, but nobody wants to be carrying heavy stuff. So, this light weight thingy gives you all the comfort with the least burden! It also doesn’t require any powersource to inflate it so it’s a big (Prix) plus

4. Some light reading material

Stoner Book

Yes it’s bit of a self promotion, so let’s justify dragging this delighfull read to the mountain top and back:

  • It’s a great conversation openner! No more doubting if your random fellow hikers dig your green - just throw this book at them and ask them how they feel about it! If they say they already got one, just light your sticky icky right there and then!
  • The weather might get bad, so when you are stuck for couple of hours under some shade, you can always pull it out and do some easy reading.
  • Always have backup! Did you forgot lighter fluid for barbeque? Maybe you left your rolling paper at home? Have no fear! This book is almost 100% celulose. Hell, even the last chapter is called rolling credits.

5. A very portable speaker

A very portable speaker

What better way to cover your melodic singing noises in the wild than a piece of tiny speaker. Now don’t get fulled, this baby can pack a punch! Not that you need so many decibels in the quiet roads of the forest.. but you never know when those spontanus rave parties might happen!

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Now go and have an adventure 👋